SideFX Labs Toolset (as of Hou 18.0.532)

The SideFX Labs Toolset library.

“One piece of software can’t meet all the challenges you face in a day. Houdini can be the backbone to your pipeline, allowing other packages to send and receive assets to streamline your pipeline. SideFX Labs provides integrations that include support for photogrammetry, lookdev, texture generation and more.”

Updated : 09-04-2020


  • Labs AV Analyze ImagesMatch all features between candidate image pairs using Alicevision.
  • Labs AV Depth Map Retrieves the depth value of each pixel from the cameras using Alicevision.
  • Labs AV InitializeConfigure which images to process using Alicevision.
  • Labs AV Meshing Creates a dense geometric surface representation of the scene using Alicevision.
  • Labs AV PhotogrameteryThe complete Alicevision photogrammetry pipeline.
  • Labs AV Structure from MotionDetects 3D points with position and orientation and calibrate the cameras accordingly using Alicevision.
  • Labs AV TexturingTexture the generated mesh using Alicevision.


  • Labs Delete Small PartsRemoves pieces based on connectivity and size.
  • Labs QuadranglulateSimple Node to take a triangulated mesh and attempt to collapse the diagonal edges to return the mesh to a quad dominant state
  • Labs Remove Inside Faces This tool removes inside faces for objects that are intersecting.


  • Labs Color Adjustment Several Common Adjustment Operations on Vertex Colors.
  • Labs Color BlendBlends Color data on 2 separate meshes based on common algorithms.
  • Labs Color GradientGenerates a Vertex Color Gradient on a mesh.
  • Labs Delight Remove light and shadow variation from photogrammetry textures.
  • Labs Edge ColorColor sharp edges on geometry.


  • Labs Destruction CleanupPrepare rigid body simulation results for export, reducing redundant geometry, cleaning normals, cleaing attributes.
  • Labs Inside Face UVsCreate UV’s for inside faces of voronoi fractured geometry.
  • Labs RBD Edge Strip Generate polystrips on fractured geometry for extra destruction detail in game engines.


  • Labs Dem Bones Skinning ConverterDem Bones Skinning Converter is a SOP that can convert any non-changing topology deforming mesh sequence into a bone based animation.
  • Labs ROP Volume TextureTake a volume as an input and export a texture of the density field.
  • Labs Sketchfab Output – Uploads geometry to Sketchfab.
  • Labs Skinning ConverterSkinning Converter is a SOP that can convert any non-changing topology deforming mesh sequence into a bone based animation.
  • Labs Static Fracture ExportThe Static Fracture SOP takes static geometry data from sop level, and separates them into newly generated geometry containers on object level.
  • Labs Terrain Mesh ROPThe Terrain Segment SOP allows you to convert the plugged in heightfield into geometry.
  • Labs Terrain Mixture ROPThe Terrain Texture rop SOP renders image data from a heightfield.


  • Labs FlowmapThis utility tool sets up a flowmap template on your input geometry.
  • Labs Flowmap CombAdjust surface point normals by painting.
  • Labs Flowmap ObstacleThe flowmap obstacle SOP allows for easy modifications on the flowmap based on geometry.
  • Labs Flowmap to ColorThe flowmap to color SOP converts the flowmap data to vertex colors.
  • Labs Flowmap Visualize A high quality realtime preview of a flowmap texture in the Houdini viewport.
  • Labs Guide FlowmapThe Guide Flowmap modifies a flowmap based on a guide curve.

FLUID (18)

  • Labs SplatterCreates a POP Fluid simulation setup for splattering.


  • Labs Gaea Tor Processor –  N/A.


  • Labs Axis Align Easy way to align your models’ XYZ Axis based on its bounding boxes. (Matchsize – Resizes and recenters the geometry according to reference geometry.)
  • Labs Boxcutter – TODO (Multi Boolean)
  • Labs Curve BranchesScatters curves over curves, with many intuitive controls to go from clean geometric branches to organic vines. Duplicates of this sop can be chained together for recursive growth, approximating the look of L-Systems but much more controllable. Generates simple branching structures, like trees, cracks and lightning. It can also be chained together and works recursively.
  • Labs Cylinder Generator Create a tube from a curve, with uv’s and normals.
  • Labs Decal Projector – Project a decal (localised piece of geometry and a texture) onto geometry.
  • Labs Detail Mesh – The Detail Mesh SOP allows you to project a so called detail mesh onto template geometry.
  • Labs Disc Generator – Create a polygon disc with uv’s and normals.
  • Labs Dissolve Flat EdgesRemove edges on flat surfaces.
  • Labs Exoside QuadRemesher
  • Labs Extract SilhouetteCreate an outline of an object projected from one of the axes, xyz.
  • Labs GameRes – Full Pipeline Node to Take High Res Models to Low Res.
  • Labs Houdini IconGeometric representation for Houdini icon.
  • Labs Instance MeshesThis tool allows you to run geometry through InstantMeshes and generate a quad mesh.
  • Labs LightningGenerate lightning effect around meshes.
  • Labs Mesh SharpenSharpens the geometry based on curvature.
  • Labs Mesh Slice Clips the geometry into multiple submeshes based on a 3d grid pattern.
  • Labs Multi Bounding BoxGenerate Several Bounding Boxes For the Input Mesh.
  • Labs Path Deform Deform geometry along a curve.
  • Labs PolyDeformWarps a source mesh to match the shape of a target. Incredibly useful for modifying scanned data.
  • Labs Quick Material – The QuickMaterial sop is a convenience tool that allows you to very easily set up PBR materials.
  • Labs RepairQuickly Spot Heal a Mesh.
  • Labs RizomUV Optimize
  • Labs RizomUV BridgeEnables the use of Rizom UV within Houdini.
  • Labs RizomUV Rectangularize
  • Labs RizomUV Unwrap
  • Labs Soften Normals Soften Normals is a convenience SOP that is frequently used to prepare geometry for baking.
  • Labs Sphere Generator The sphere generator creates a sphere from a cube with uv’s and normals.
  • Labs Spiral – The Spiral sop creates a curve that starts at the origin and spirals out for one full revolution.
  • Labs Split Primitives by NormalSplit primitives into separate outputs based on normals.
  • Labs StarHello World! 😉
  • Labs Straight Skeleton 2DGenerate the central curve (straight skeleton) for 2D input shapes.
  • Labs Straight Skeleton 3DGenerates a curve based on the internal structure of a mesh.
  • Labs StraightenOrients a mesh based on UP and FRONT groups.
  • Labs SubstanceWell, you know…
  • Labs Sweep GeometrySweeps a piece of geometry along a curve. Useful for generating roads and bridges based on modules.
  • Labs SymmatrizeClips and mirrors geometry along an axis.
  • Labs Test Geometry: LuizA scan of Luiz Kruel.
  • Labs Test Geometry: PaulA scan of Paul Ambrosiussen.
  • Labs Thicken – Extrudes a mesh along it’s averaged normals.
  • Labs TriPlanar Displace N/A.
  • Labs Voxel MeshConvert a Polygon Mesh into a Volume and back into Polygons, A very common node chain is VDB From Polygons, followed immediately by a Convert VDB.
  • Labs Wang Tiles SampleSample tiles that can be used as Wang Tilesets


  • Labs GoZ Export – Sends Houdini Mesh data automatically to Zbrush.
  • Labs GoZ ImportContains GoZ data sent from Zbrush.


  • Labs Group by MeasureAllows for grouping geometry based on properties that can be measured.
  • Labs Group Curve CornersCreates Groups for Inside and Outside corner points.


  • Labs FBX Archive Import Import an FBX as an archive similar to how the Alembic Archive sop works.
  • Labs MapBoxGenerate color, height and Open Street Map (OSM) curves using data provided by
  • Labs Multi FileLoad several Geometry files at once.
  • Labs OBJ Importer Import an OBJ File including its materials and textures.
  • Labs OSM BuildingsGenerate Buildings from OSM Data.
  • Labs OSM FilterIsolates Specific OSM Data Layers.
  • Labs OSM Import Imports Open Street Map Data.
  • Labs Trace PSD FileGenerates Curves from Photoshop File Layers.


  • Labs 2D WaveFunctionCollapse The main WFC node: The solver.
  • Labs Align and DistributeSpread a collection of shapes along an axis.
  • Labs Attribute Value ReplaceAllows you to replace attribute values with others.
  • Labs Edge Group To CurveConverts an Edge Group to a Poly Curve
  • Labs Extract FilenameUtility SOP to store the filename of a file SOP as its detail attributes to be then used in other SOPs.
  • Labs Mesh TilerN/A.
  • Labs Min Max AverageMultiple Min/Max/Average Analysis in a single node.
  • Labs TurntableRotates the input geometry around itself based on the timeline.


  • Labs Maps Baker Generates textures bakes from a high resolution to low resolution model at near interactive speeds.
  • Labs ROP Vector FieldExport a vector field, compatible with Unreal Engine.
  • Labs Simple BakerSOP Based Baking of Texture Maps.

Reality Capture

  • Labs RC Align Images
  • Labs RC Create Model
  • Labs RC Extract Cameras
  • Labs RC Register Images
  • Labs RC Texture Model
  • Labs RC Texture Model Core


  • Labs HF Combine MasksSimplifies the process of blending masks together in Heightfields.
  • Labs HF Insert MaskAllows you to insert a layer from another heightfield.


  • Labs Niagra ROPExport point caches to be used with Unreal’s Niagara particle system.
  • Labs Terrain Layer Export The terrain layer export SOP exports a heightfield with the correct settings for Unreal.
  • Labs Terrain Layer ImportThe terrain layer import SOP exports a heightfield with the correct settings from Unreal.
  • Labs Unreal Pivot PainterPivot Painter is a SOP that stores model pivot and rotation information in the model’s vertex data and additional UV channels. Tool to generate the appropriate data necessary for Unreal 4’s pivot based animation nodes.


  • Labs Box Clip – Clip geometry to a resizable box region.
  • Labs Calculate Occlusion – Vertex Based Ambient Occlusion Calculation.
  • Labs Calculate Slope – Calculate the slope of a surface by comparing to a direction, and optionally blur and remap the result.
  • Labs Distance From BordersCalculates the distance for each point from the nearest unshared edge,
  • Labs Extract BorderExtract curves from Meshes.
  • Labs LOD Create – The LOD Create SOP allows for easy LOD generation.
  • Labs Lot SubdivisionDivide polygons into panels.
  • Labs Make LoopTakes a mesh or volume that is animated and loops them.
  • Labs Measure Curvature Generates Point Colors based on the Curvature of the Model.
  • Labs RetimeSimple Interface to Change the Timing of an animation.
  • Labs Sine WaveDeforms a mesh based on a sine wave curve.
  • Labs Trim Texture
  • Labs WFC Initialize Grid A utility tool to initialize a WFC grid to be used with the WFC Solver.
  • Labs WFC Sample Paint


  • Labs Auto UV Automatically Generates UV Attributes.
  • Labs Automatic Trim Texture
  • Labs Export UV WireframeAllows you to export the UV wireframe for texturing.
  • Labs Group UV BordersAllows you to easily group the UV borders.
  • Labs Merge Small Islands – Consolidates Small UV Islands into Larger Neighbors.
  • Labs Texel DensityCalculates and corrects texel density of an asset.
  • Labs Trim Texture
  • Labs UV TransferTransfer uv’s between a source and target geometry.
  • Labs UV UnitizeConverts every primitive to 0-1 UVs.
  • Labs UV Visualize Different methods of visualizing UV Data.


  • Labs Procedural SmokeThe procedural smoke SOP will generate an animated volume to represent smoke.


  • Labs Building GeneratorConvert low-resolution blockout geometry into detailed buildings using a library of user defined modules.
  • Labs Building Generator Utility –  Create base modules to use with the building generator, as well as override base module behavior.
  • Labs Cable Generator Given a curve that represents the high ‘pin’ points and low ‘sag’ points of a cable, this sop will generate sagging cables, with user definable cable count, shape, colour.
  • Labs Dirt SkirtCreate a geometry ‘skirt’ where an object and ground plane intersect, to be used as a soft blend in a game engine.
  • Labs Physics PainterPhysics Painter is a SOP that allows users to paint physics objects onto any other object.
  • Labs Pick and PlaceAllows you to interactively place individual objects in a scene.
  • Labs Quick Basic Tree
  • Labs Road GeneratorGenerate roads from curves or OSM data.
  • Labs SciFi PanelsExample HDA from the Rebirth Project to generate Sci Fi Panneling.
  • Labs Snow Buildup Adds geometry to an input mesh that mimics snow buildup
  • Labs Wang Tiles DecoderA decoder that decodes color information into Wang Tilesets.
  • Labs Snow Buildup –