The GameDev Toolset library.

A series of Houdini shelf tools that are geared towards game developers!

GameDev Toolset SOP Nodes


  • GameDev AV Analyze Images –
  • GameDev AV Depth Map
  • GameDev AV Initialize –
  • GameDev AV Meshing –
  • GameDev AV Photogrametery –
  • GameDev AV Structure from Motion
  • GameDev AV Texturing


  • GameDev Delete Small Parts –
  • GameDev Remove Inside Faces –


  • GameDev Color Adjustment –
  • GameDev Color Blend –
  • GameDev Color Gradient –
  • GameDev Delight –
  • GameDev Edge Color –


  • GameDev Destruction Cleanup –
  • GameDev Inside Face UVs –
  • GameDev RBD Director –
  • GameDev RBD Fracture –
  • GameDev RBD Solver –
  • GameDev Simple RBD –


  • GameDev ROP Volume Texture –
  • GameDev Sketchfab Output – Upload your model to Sketchfab straight from Houdini.
  • GameDev Skinning Converter –
  • GameDev Static Fracture Export –
  • GameDev Terrain Mesh ROP –
  • GameDev Terrain Mixture ROP –


  • GameDev Flowmap –
  • GameDev Flowmap Brush –
  • GameDev Flowmap Obstacle –
  • GameDev Flowmap to Color –
  • GameDev Flowmap Visualize –
  • GameDev Guide Flowmap –


  • GameDev Gaea Alluvium –
  • GameDev Gaea Breaker –
  • GameDev Gaea Fold –
  • GameDev Gaea Stratify –
  • GameDev Gaea Thermal –
  • GameDev Gaea Tor Processor-


  • GameDev Axis Align – Easy way to align your models’ XYZ Axis based on its bounding boxes.
  • GameDev Curve Branches – Generates simple branching structures, like trees, cracks and lightning. It can also be chained together and works recursively.
  • GameDev Curve Sweep – A wrapper around the Sweep node, which allows you to sweep a number of predefined curves, add UVs to the results and give them with a third input as well as control it with ramps. 
  • GameDev Cylinder Generator – HDA part of the Mesh Generators, creates a cylinder with a curve as it’s input .
  • GameDev Decal Projector – Behaves like an in game decal system, but it utilizes boolean under the hood for more accurate decal geometry. Generates decals with proper 0-1 UVs.
  • GameDev Detail Mesh – Allows for projecting a tileable mesh onto a projection surface. Example would be a tiling brick mesh used to add detail to a blockout of a building. (Comes with demoscene).
  • GameDev Disc Generator – HDA part of the Mesh Generators, creates a disk.
  • GameDev Dissolve Flat Edges – Removes edges that are within a specified tolerance of flatness. Helpful to get rid of boolean artifacts or obvious triangulation.
  • GameDev Extract Silhouette –
  • GameDev GameRes – Automatically Decimate, UV and Bake Maps for your high resolution Mesh. The culmination of the Mesh Pipeline effort.
  • GameDev Instance Meshes –
  • GameDev Mesh Slice –
  • GameDev Multi Bounding Box –
  • GameDev Path Deform – Deforms a mesh along a curve, with several controls for twisting and modifying the mesh as it moves along the curve.
  • GameDev PolyDeform – Deforms the first input to match the shape of the second input. Incredibly useful for modifying scanned data.
  • GameDev Quick Material – QuickShade on steroids. Not only apply diffuse textures, but all of the different PBR material settings right at the SOP level. Now allows for multiple materials with custom names.
  • GameDev Repair –
  • GameDev Soften Normals – Utility script for softening the normals of an object and optionally hardening the UV seams.
  • GameDev Sphere Generator – HDA part of the Mesh Generators, creates a sphere with UVs and Vertex Colors for Realtime VFX.
  • GameDev Spiral – A much requested node. Generates spirals and helices with intuitive controls.
  • GameDev Straight Skeleton 2D – Isolated the Straight Skeleton generated by a PolyExpand2D node with several options, including to reproject the ends to match the original shape.
  • GameDev Straight Skeleton 3D –
  • GameDev Straighten – Aligns the geometry based on group selections for Forward and Up faces. Useful for aligning photogrammetry meshes that might be awkwardly placed.
  • GameDev Sweep Geometry – Sweeps a piece of geometry along a curve. Useful for generating roads and bridges based on modules.
  • GameDev Thicken – Give planar surfaces thickness with this node. It also has a slightly smarter logic on how to thicken an object in order to avoid geometry errors. Great for making things water tight! 
  • GameDev Voxel Mesh – Workflow script to simplify the VDB roundtrip that is very common in geometry cleanup.


  • GameDev GoZ Export – Link between Zbrush and Houdini. New in the GameDev tool, but has been around for a little while. 
  • GameDev GoZ Import – Link between Zbrush and Houdini. New in the GameDev tool, but has been around for a little while. 


  • GameDev Group Attribute Borders – Allows you to generate a group based on UV borders or any other attribute borders.
  • GameDev Group by Attribute – Similar to the partition node, but with slightly more forgiving interface. Generate groups by a single attribute.
  • GameDev Group By Color – Generates a point group based on a color and a fuzziness threshold. 
  • GameDev Group Curve Corners – Allows you to isolate inside and outside corners of a curve. Also generates an angle attribute. 
  • GameDev Group Edge Loop – Procedurally generate Point, Prim and Edge Loops. There is also an option to skip every N units, which allows for interesting results. 
  • GameDev Group Expand – Expands or contracts a group by a number of iterations. Positive iterations expand, negative iterations contract.


  • GameDev MapBox –
  • GameDev Multi File –
  • GameDev OSM Buildings –
  • GameDev OSM Filter –
  • GameDev OSM Import –
  • GameDev Trace PSD File –


  • GameDev Align and Distribute –
  • GameDev Edge Group To Curve –
  • GameDev Extract Filename –
  • GameDev Mesh Tiler –
  • GameDev Min Max Average –
  • GameDev Turntable –


  • GameDev Maps Baker –
  • GameDev ROP Vector Field –
  • GameDev Simple Baker –


  • GameDev Niagra Impacts –
  • GameDev Niagra Interpolate –
  • GameDev Niagra RBD Split –
  • GameDev Niagra ROP –
  • GameDev Terrain Layer Export –
  • GameDev Terrain Layer Import –
  • GameDev Unreal Pivot Painter – Tool to generate the appropriate data necessary for Unreal 4’s pivot based animation nodes.


  • GameDev Box Clip – Simple HDA to do 6 clip operations at one, allows you to control which of the 6 sides to clip. 
  • GameDev Calculate Occlusion – Calculates vertex Ambient Occlusion at the SOP level. Lots of controls for intensity, falloffs and blur.
  • GameDev Calculate Slope – Calculates the slope of a point, used in the flowmap tools.
  • GameDev Extract Borders –
  • GameDev LOD Create – Automatically Generates LODs from your mesh. Including Impostors as the lowest LOD level.
  • GameDev Lot Subdivision –
  • GameDev Make Loop –
  • GameDev Measure Curvature – Provides 7 different ways of calculating an model’s curvature.
  • GameDev Retime – Simple interface to retime an animation sequence based on a curve parameter.
  • GameDev Sine Wave – Modifies a mesh based on a sine wave, useful for generating oscillating objects. Similar to a wave deformer.


  • GameDev Auto UV – Automatically generates the seams for an object and immediately runs a UV Flatten after the fact. 
  • GameDev Group UV Borders – Allows you to easily group the UV borders.
  • GameDev Mark Seams – This nodes allows for a more intuitive way of managing edge groups for common workflows like UVing. It is essentially an uber group node which lets you store selections as well as convert primitive selections into edge selections of said primitive borders.
  • GameDev Merge Small Islands – Underlying node part of the AutoUV, also exposed as a standalone node. Combines smaller UV islands into neighboring larger islands.
  • GameDev UV Stack – Stacks similar UV shells together. Great for hair workflows and general UV management. Also contains some extra controls for splitting stacks randomly for variation. 
  • GameDev UV Transfer – Transfer UVs from one mesh to another of different topology while maintaining proper UV boundaries.
  • GameDev UV Unitize – Simple Utility tool to make every face of a mesh to be UV’d from 0-1.
  • GameDev UV Visualize – Helper script to visualize UVs. Including features such as: Visualize Seams, Warp between UV space and Model Space, Modify the tiling of the grid texture, Visualize Islands.


  • GameDev Building Generator – A tool that when given a basic ‘block out’ shape, and a named set of building components, can generate detailed buildings.
  • GameDev Building Generator Utility –
  • GameDev Cable Generator –
  • GameDev Dirt Skirt –
  • GameDev Physics Painter –
  • GameDev SciFi Panels –
  • GameDev Snow Buildup –