Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio code is a text editor. With intelligence. This is just a short primer on how to use vscode and set it up. Visual Studio Code is my preferred text editor for haxe (it turns into a IDE with the right extensions)


General installation is straight forward, the downloadable binaries can be found here:

VSCode is open source, so it may be found in a package manager. The official package maintained by Microsoft can be found on snapcraft, however your distro might already have VScode in its own packages, albeit perhaps a earlier version.

I use homebrew for my package manager, which does includes VScode(visual-studio-code).

User Interface

On first launch you should get a screen similar to this:


On the top left, you should see little icons. This is called the Activity Bar.

Activity Bar

The activity bar is used to change the view of the sidebar, and if you click on the selected activity(ie in explorer mode, and click on the explorer icon), it will hide the sidebar.

Sidebar in Explorer View

Installing Extensions

Installing extensions is easy. In the search bar of the extensions view, search for the extension, then click install on the one that you want. Of course some extensions may require more configuration, so read the readme if you’re unsure.

Installing an extension


You should be able to follow tutorials that I use VS code with now. Of course, if you wish to know more, check out the docs:

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