Houdini – Environmental Variables

SideFX Houdini

Coming from other applications, env variables seem a bit tedious and confusing but actually makes sense in the end regarding SideFX Houdini.

The Variables

An Environmental Variable is a key value pair that is used as sort of a global key chain for the operating system. I remember back in the day with Java( ew), searching Google for how to set env vars in Windows. It’s one of those things that eventually you understand why they are used, especially in large build chains.

So Houdini has these as well, what are they for?

“for various purposes, such as defining paths (sets of directories in which Houdini looks for certain types of files), commonly used directories (such as $HFS, the install location of Houdini) and for obscure or highly technical settings.”

The Help Dialog

Help > About Houdini > Show Details check box

  • OS, Memory, Screens, Build, UI scale, GPUs
  • OpenGL compatibility.
  • All current OS level environmental variables.

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